Intern-ships/work placement

Intern-ships and work placements are opportunities to work in an engineering environment for a period of time up to about a year. They are usually associated with a degree course (sandwich course or post graduate experience). The engineering and manufacturing sector offers placements on a case by case basis, based on a business need and the student's skills and aspirations.

Intern-ships and work placements offer the means for a project to be undertaken by the student in an engineering environment. Accordingly there has to be a business need for the project, and a student available who has the skills to undertake that project and who will benefit from it (for themselves or as part of their course). Companies therefore have to review applications on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in seeking an intern-ship or work placement, or are a sector company that can offer same, then please contact the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion (use the link here for contact details) who will help match both parties together.