NWAA New Talent Awards

The aims of the awards are to raise the profile of the aerospace sector and recognise the achievements made by apprentices working in aerospace in the North West Aerospace Industry (in which the islands sector is included) .

The competition is open to all final year apprentices working in aerospace or defence in the North West, with a cash prize of £1000 being awarded to the winner and £500 to the runner up. Training providers, colleges and employers in the North West are invited to nominate apprentices who meet the set criteria.

Entries must be made by October each year (use the link here for more details).

2015 results and information 

Use the link here for more details, use link here for video (see video at 1min 54s especially).

Ashley Howard from Swagelok won the Outstanding Professional Award as part of the Business University Challenge, a one day event, where teams of three young engineers compete in a variety of different engineering and business tasks. Throughout the competition, judges were asked to identify two individuals who displayed outstanding professional excellence in performance and/or leadership throughout the event.

Ashley has advised, "The challenge consisted of four tasks that tested the team's negotiation, communication, innovation and presentation skills. These were to test out both engineering and business skills. We were only able to prepare for the presentation a week prior to the event and we decided to base ours on how 'additive manufacturing' is influencing engineering design. Coming from an engineering background, we found the negotiation challenge the most difficult and I think it is the one we learnt the most from. In the communication and innovation tasks, we all felt quite comfortable and found they played to our strengths.

The outstanding individual award was given to two people at the event that had showed good team work and leadership skills on the day. Because the others in my team were Swagelok colleagues (and I work with them on a daily basis) this allowed us to perform better with in the challenge. I was very proud to receive one of only two of these awards.

The presentation evening was most enlightening for me. This is because I experienced a side of business and engineering I had not seen before. I found it very interesting seeing people from different companies  and organisations networking to improve the engineering sector as a whole, while also rewarding young talent so that engineering can progress in the future.

I feel that all of this has helped me back at Swagelok by introducing me to the business side of engineering and broadening my horizons."

Daniel Catlow, also from Swagelok, gained the Highly Commended accolade. To be eligible for this award, final year apprentices working in aerospace or defence in the North West of England and the Isle of Man were invited to present projects that demonstrated the development of their engineering skills during their apprenticeship.



Photo: Left to Right: Peter Lace (Swagelok), Daniel Catlow, Ashley Howard, Chris Killey (Apprentices at Swagelok), Rob Arthurs (Swagelok).

2014 results and information

Use the link here for more details.

Luke McKinlay from RLC Ronaldsway won the Innovation Award which recognised innovative thinking and outstanding engineering skills that have brought successful change to the business.

Jack Hunter from Swagelok gained a commendation for establishing a project to teach school children about engineering through motive power.

 Photo: Left to Right: Luke McKinlay (RLC Ronaldsway) and Jack Hunter (Swagelok).