Use this section to see how the ACE Programme is providing information to the general public across our Island.

In order for the ACE Programme to succeed, we need to engage with more than just our youth. We are therefore talking with parents, teachers, careers service personnel and, via press articles and this website, to the general public to help change perceptions about engineering and manufacturing into a more supportive and informed view. 

Gone are the days of the male dominated, oily and smelly working environment. Today we operate in a high technology, clean environment, involving both male and females alike with exacting standards to meet our customers' expectations.

This is clearly displayed by the products and services we offer which you can see if you visit any of our sector companies (contact the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion if you'd like to visit any of our companies to see for yourself - use the link here) or attend the regular careers events (use link here for more information on careers events).

The ACE Programme publicises all that is being achieved throughout the engineering and manufacturing sector. This website was developed as another way to share information.

Press articles, radio interviews, company sponsored awards, supporting charities and activities around the island and careers events all play their part in helping everyone see and understand the sector.

The Programme has worked with groups of our community such as people not in education or training (referred to as NEETs), people who may be looking for a career change and also those people who have unfortunately been made redundant and may, with a little re-skilling training be able to enter our sector (use link here for more information).