Use this section to see what activities are currently underway in our schools as part of the ACE Programme, and also what is being considered in the future.

The ACE programme centres on taking engineering and manufacturing into the classroom.

Accordingly, in our primary schools we have a lesson with Year 6, and in our secondary schools a lesson with Years 7 through to 11 inclusive.  All lessons are not just a talk and listen event -  it’s about doing and having fun so that interaction, thinking, laughter and working together (key engineering and manufacturing competencies) are all used and students become more aware about engineering and can see the types of careers they could be interested in.

The programme delivers about 250 lessons per year covering approximately 3600 students across our 32 primary schools and five secondary schools.  

In addition, the programme provides information for other year groups (9, 11 and sixth form) through school assembly presentations. These year groups are making key decisions about what subjects to take in Years 10 and 11, what to do after Year 11 and what to do after sixth form, respectively.

The Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion arranges and delivers all lessons and assemblies, with the support of personnel from the sector as and when available. In addition, the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion calls into schools regularly to meet with teachers and students alike to discuss career paths and provide guidance as needed (use link here if you would like to contact the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion for a discussion or visit).

The secondary school lessons and assemblies are generally delivered over the following periods each year:

  • September: Ramsey Grammar School
  • October: Queen Elizabeth II High School
  • October/November: St. Ninians High School
  • November/December: Ballakermeen High School
  • December/January: Castle Rushen High School

Primary school lessons generally take place during the above periods based on their geographic location to the secondary schools. 

Since launch, over 19,000 students have been involved in the ACE Programme at least once, most having been involved maybe nine times via the lessons and assemblies since Year 6. This equates to about 23% of the population and covers 100% of all current school leavers.

Via the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion schools and the sector are also starting to work closer together. Recent examples are:

  • Visits to companies to help bring the curriculum alive for design and technology students. A similar maths visit is currently being planned between Ballakermeen High School and Swagelok.
  • Supporting and encouraging the use of the AMTC for Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 design and technology subjects where the volume of students makes using the AMTC facility more time efficient for coursework progression.
  • Providing judges for school competitions.
  • Supporting the rocket challenge science project.

If you are a teacher in a school and think the sector could help you with an engineering related subject or project, then please contact the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion via the link here.



"For the future, primarily, we must educate people in science, engineering, technology and math."

Buzz Aldrin (one of the first two humans to land on the moon 20th July 1969 and the second person to walk on it)