STEP Programme

The STEP Programme, organised by the government, allows under graduates the opportunity to work in a company for 8 - 12 weeks on a skills based project to improve the business. Many engineering and manufacturing sector companies participate in the STEP Programme.

Photo - 2015 STEP Winner Abi Swayne from DLP Limited

Previously known as the Shell Technology Enterprise Programme, the term STEP continues to be used despite it’s growth beyond the Shell Company.

The programme allows undergraduates taking an engineering related degree to undertake a related project within a sector company during the summer.

The more sector companies participating in the programme, the better: Giving more choice to students, breadth in the placement content on offer whilst offering as many placements as we can so as not to disappoint students.

Specific projects of about 8-12 weeks duration lend themselves well to the programme, so there is a start and end to the project.

The benefits for both student and company participation in the programme are:

For student:

  • Enables students to experience a working engineering environment.
  • Distinct project for students to ‘get their teeth into’ and to develop further as a potemtial employee whilst delivering something for the company.
  • May use what they have learnt in their degree, along with other skills and put it into practice.
  • Opportunity to enter STEP competition to select best Isle of Man project for onward entry in the UK STEP competition.
  • Enables the student to earn some money during the programme.

For the company:

  • Delivery of a specific project supporting the needs of the business.
  • First-hand experience of the student in a working environment, which may lead to further work related opportunities.
  • Visibility of company STEP participation and/or project in competition(s) and community.

The programme is co-ordinated by the IOM Government Department of Economic Development. Students and companies who are interested in participating need to register before around the end of May each year.

For more information on STEP and registration use the link here.

In addition, the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion is available to help if needed (use link here for contact details).