University College IOM

Use this section to understand how the ACE Programme connects with the University College Isle of Man.

In 2008, under the ACE Programme, the several sector companies united to launch a single apprenticeship scheme, instead of these companies having their own schemes. This was putting undue pressure on the Isle of Man College (as was) with many companies wanting differing skills and training.

The 2008 scheme started with 10 students and would last four years with day release of students from their employed company to the college. In 2008 there were about 20 applicants for the 10 positions. In 2012 there were 191 applicants – a considerable increase; and of these, about 69 were suitable for the scheme so the ACE Programme was considered to be having a positive impact.

In light of a growing need for more people to be employed in skilled and technical machine operating roles, for September 2013 the scheme was developed further in conjunction with the IOM College to take on 36 students. However, in light of this volume increase, the existing scheme had to be changed as the volume was to great for the companies to provide suitable supervision and student support while at work.

The four year scheme duration and syllabus content was retained but years 1 and 2 were made full time at the College and years 3 and 4 would then see successful Apprentices employed in companies (employment subject to passing years 1 and 2, demonstrated appropriate personal attributes and company vacancies) with day release back to the College to continue their development.

This scheme continues today and has places for 36 students each September. The course for Years 1 and 2 was named the Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering (FAIE) and coincided with the College's new facilities, named the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre (AMTC) where the equipment and training have been specifically designed to be relevant to job vacancies on the island. More information on the Apprenticeship Scheme may be found using the link here.

The ACE Programme also makes sure students on other engineering related courses at the University College Isle of Man are aware of the sector and the likely opportunities available providing career guidance where needed.