Work Experience Programme

Work experience (when someone attends an organisation to experience the working environment) is one of the most powerful means for school students to see and establish if this is the type of work or career they would like. The engineering and manufacturing sector is very keen on providing such placements and generally offers around 100 one week placements each year.

The engineering and manufacturing sector has two elements to it’s work experience programme:

Year 10 secondary schools

  • Formal part of Year 10 curriculum with each student undertaking one, one week placement in a company. (CRHS & RGS schools both offer two, one week placements for each student).
  • The co-ordination is via (supported by PDMS an island based Company).
  • Companies able to support placements should register via (use the link here).
  • More information is available using the link here.
  • The student does not receive any payment for the placement.

Outside of Year 10 secondary schools

  • The sector offers suitable students from a secondary school (Year 11 upwards), University College Isle of Man or island based student at a UK university one, one week placement per company per year.
  • Additional weeks may be arranged at the discretion of the company.
  • Usually the first week is unpaid, but any payment in subsequent weeks is based on agreement between the student and company.
  • The co-ordination is via the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion.  If you wish to undertake a placement or are a sector company that would like to offer placements then please contact the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion (use the link here for contact details).

Work placements are an ideal opportunity for students to experience a working engineering environment and offer the following benefits:

For the student:

  • To see and experience an engineering working environment to help them establish if this is what they would like as a career, and the types of roles involved.
  • To see the types of careers that can be created and gain some insight into the types of people employed and their lifestyles.
  • To understand the competencies and personal attributes (use the link here for more information on these) needed for different roles.
  • A means for the student to display personal attributes that they may not be able to put across in a CV eg. timeliness, interest, inquisitiveness, resourcefulness, communication and presentation skills, which may help when applying for permanent positions within the company as most companies keep records of work experience candidates.

For the company:

  • To show what engineering companies do and what your company does specifically.
  • To support the sector, ACE Programme, local community and development of students.
  • To see and get to know students who may wish to apply for vacancies in due course.