Career Paths

Choosing a job or career is one of the most important life decisions people make. It can also be one of the hardest decisions to make. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming due to the vast numbers of different types of jobs society needs coupled with a lack of knowledge about what those jobs entail and demand in terms of skills and behaviours. Use this section of our website to start to understand what skills and qualifications you need to enter into the world of engineering and manufacturing.

Engineering offers fantastic careers which in turn support great lifestyles for all different types of people. Creativity, teamwork, challenges and fun are just some of the experiences you can expect to have if you decide to have a career in engineering.

You know you've made some correct career choices when you look forward to going into work each day, enjoy working with your work colleagues, find the work interesting, stimulating and satisfying and return home thinking you've had another day of achievement; and maybe then get together with some of your work colleagues as part of your social life.

However, this ideal doesn't just happen. It requires you to invest a considerable amount of time and effort to achieve; through studying hard to increase your knowledge, developing your skills, making sure your behaviours are in line with the values of the companys and making some informed decisions about your career path. We hope that these sections and the information presented help you in that quest.