On The Ground...

Society requires a vast array of designed and engineered items to improve the quality and duration of human life.

Through increasing demands and expectation, the world of STEM and engineering continues to innovate and push the technology boundaries to ensure we continue to deliver products and solutions to meet this demand.

The Island's STEM sector is involved with a range of products that support life on the ground. STEM has an influence on all our lives, and you can use any of the skills involved, from Science in the production of medicines, to Technology in delivering services and the software that help us live our lives more easily



Energy and water supply, the staples of life, are not only distributed by engineering companies here but also supported by some of the items manufactured here on the island for applications around the world (e.g. valves, pressure regulators, graphine powder coatings, etc).

Telecommunications, medical devices and technical support services are provided by the sector to a variety of organisations both inside and outside the sector, on and off the island.

The sector also feeds many consumer driven markets with products that improve the quality of people's lives (kettle controls, bathroom accessibility aides, medical devices, etc).

Military vehicle components, lasers, printing, cosmetics and soaps, DVD production, grooming accessories, homeopathic remedies, and instrumentation -  all manufactured here - work their way into peoples lives all over the world.

Want a well grounded career? - get involved with the sector!