Under The Sea...

Larger than the landmass on our earth, it remains one of the remaining areas to be fully explored by humans. More people have visited the moon than seen the deepest parts of the ocean. It therefore remains a huge resource with unknown marvels and suggestions as to how life on earth evolved and could survive better in the future. It equally supports life for most creatures on the planet, including ourselves and is used as a means of transporting most of the every day items we take for granted.

The island's engineering and manufacturing sector supports activities both above and under the sea. 

Ships (through valves, pressure regulators and anchors), submarines, both military and research, (through structural and control components) and oil/gas exploration (through valves and pressure regulators).

New opportunities abound with these; and new markets such as renewable and alternative energy.

Want to sea some exciting careers? - get involved with the sector! (we know - poor pun :p)