Aaron, RLC

Meet Aaron. Aaron joined RLC as an apprentice in 2017 from the Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering course.

Aaron, RLC

Age: 18

School: St Ninian’s High School


In school I enjoyed studying Resistant Materials, Business Studies, History and all the Sciences. 

As a child I always enjoyed tinkering with things and taking stuff apart (and putting it back together!). I’m also big into cycling and enjoy fixing up my bike myself.

How did you find out about the course?

There were talks held in school by industry professionals and these really opened up the idea of working in engineering as I wanted to look into something more hands on, and wasn’t particularly interested in going further into A Levels. As a result, this was a very appealing option for me and suited my interests.

Previous work experience:

For work experience in school I went on the ARMY trip. This was a great experience and taught me a lot. Although it isn’t directly related to the engineering field, there are a lot of skills you learn from work experience which you take on to the next place of work.

When it comes to work experience I would recommend to try everywhere you can! It’s such a great way of getting to know businesses, how they operate and what their field is like. This is especially relevant in the college summer placements for getting a job!

During the college course, the engineering and manufacturing companies would visit and these were a great chance to get to know more about what they do and start building relationships (with potential employers!).

Colin at RLC was particularly helpful as he was in touch with me a lot throughout the course to offer support and accommodate opportunities within RLC, letting me take on extra work experience when I could.

How are you finding the apprenticeship course?

I really enjoyed the change from school – our teachers were great and much friendlier! The college environment is more relaxed and you spend all your time with the same tutors so it’s a good opportunity to build a rapport with them throughout the course.

I spent two years at college studying the City and Guilds Level 3 (Craft) course. For my summer placements I managed to squeeze in placements with Swagelok, Triumph, TLC, DLP and Element 6. This is a few more companies than my course mates undertook placements with, but I was interested to try them all out and see the variety of opportunities available on the Island! These work experience placements were a good insight into the companies operating on the Island and where I would like to get work in the future – I would recommend it is worth doing to anyone considering what they want to do!

Highlights of the course?

The experience overall has been great – the change at college with the teachers being able to be more friendly really changed how we interacted with the course and learned.

Have there been any challenges?

There’s nothing about the course so far that really strikes me as being challenging as such. It is probably easier for people like myself who are going straight into the training from school compared to from working as we’re already in the swing of learning and homework – but I’ve seen people on my course manage it for a career change.