Jack, Triumph

Meet Jack. Jack joined Triump as an apprentice in 2017 from the Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering course.

Jack, Triumph

Age: 20

School: St Ninian’s High School


AS – maths, geography, psychology, physics

GCSEs – electronics, geography, music, and sciences (enjoyed these the most)

My interest in engineering stemmed from my Grandad, who used to work here at Triumph (long before it was called Triumph!). Also, my Dad is a farmer and is very practically minded, often maintaining his own machinery on the farm. Whilst I’m not very academic, I do really enjoy keeping my hands busy and experimenting with putting things together.

Experience of the course so far

I’m now in my 3rd year of training having initially completed the 2 years full-time at college and currently completing the 1st year of my apprenticeship with Triumph. This apprenticeship provides the opportunity to carry out 2 years of training and, if I want to, a 3rd year supported by University training.

Completing the National Certificate through the college was great as it equips you to get a job straight from the course, and then it’s a step up from college into the apprenticeship; transitioning to working full-time and doing the further coursework on the job at the same time. The college course is very different from school. The tutors are more relaxed at college but trusting, and that made for a really nice environment to work in alongside course mates. Engineering itself is very different to what you would encounter in school electronics and woodwork classes – the college course gives you real insight and practical experience into what it’s like to work in the field.

What have you enjoyed most?

A highlight for me so far was getting the job offers! It was exciting after completing the 2 years of training with the college to get the recognition from the companies you aspired to work with.


Definitely go to the careers events – whether it’s the Employment and Skills in November, or in March for the AMTC Engineering Open Day. Students currently on the course are always available to talk to and you can find out what they did before and how they’re enjoying the course, and get any tips on applying! Ask questions at these events – don’t just grab the freebies! If you’re unsure what you want to do, the careers fair is a great opportunity to get first-hand feedback from people in the industry.

I would also suggest speaking with John Cashin from UCM. He’s the Assistant Programme Manager for the Engineering Course and really helpful when it comes to finding out more on the course, and will arrange a tour of the AMTC centre if you’re interested!

Finally, do research into the fields – it’ll help you understand what the potential opportunities are in Engineering and Manufacturing, as there are lots of different paths to take depending on your strengths and interests.

If you’re just getting started, get on the course, learn and get more experience. The course is great as it works closely with the local engineering and manufacturing companies, providing you with the chance to meet with them and get your foot in the door for getting a job at the end of the course!