Post 16 (Key Stage 5)

Use this section to understand what you should consider during sixth form or whilst at the University College Isle of Man and the options available ahead.

So what options are available after sixth form/University College Isle of Man towards a career in Engineering?


Either at the University College Isle of Man or an off island university. 

Work experience/placements are offered on some courses - gaining work experience whilst learning is really valuable as it provides an opportunity to put the theory learnt  into real life practice. 

You can find some useful information about all engineering courses on the UCAS website:

Seek student feedback on the course, accommodation, tutor availability and in particular look for employ-ability statistics - what % of graduates gained employment after 12 months. The higher the % the better. Use the link here for one university league table you may wish to consider.

Other qualifications at University College Isle of Man:

More information on courses on the Isle of Man can be found here:

Higher Education (


There may be some opportunities to work straight from school at 18 or you may consider an apprenticeship. More information on apprenticeships can be found here



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