You are never too young to think about what you want to do or be when you get older! Here you will find useful information and links that will hopefully inspire you (and your parents!) and get you thinking about a career in STEM!

The sector on the island works together to provide some great opportunities for primary school students to gain hands on experience of what it is like to work in the world of STEM!

We believe in making it fun - we run activities in the classroom, such as running a biscuit making factory which helps young people understand how the manufacturing process works in a simplified way - plus they get to eat the fruits of their labour afterwards!!

We also run some larger activities called STEMFest - these events bring students from all over the island together to participate in activities designed and built by local engineering companies - students learn by having fun!  You can find more information here.

We are setting up the Primary Engineers Programme in early 2021, initially with 10 of the island primary schools, with a roll out to the other schools over the next two years!  This programme will bring the worlds of education and industry together in a fun and exciting way and we are looking forward to bringing you more news about this during 2021!  More information about Primary Engineers can be found at:

All the activities we run in this age group are designed to be fun and help children think about STEM careers as something they might want to do when they are older!



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