Here you will find useful information and links that will hopefully inspire you and help you make the right choices for a future career in STEM!

Interactive Activities

As a sector we offer some great opportunities for high school students to learn in a fun environment.  We bring great teams of people from various organisations over to the island so that young people can learn about STEM outside of the classroom environment. 

For instance, find out about when we brought The Bloodhound Team over in September 2017:

MTTV interviews the Bloodhound Project ( 

The Smallpeice Trust paid us a week long visit in February 2018.  You can find out more information about this visit on our Facebook page

Careers Activities

On top of these bigger activities, we regularly send representatives from the sector into school assemblies and classroom sessions to talk about the jobs that they do as well as trying to bring the subject to life by teaching young people through experience.  

We hold an annual sector careers event in March each year at the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre.  These careers fayres provide a great opportunity for people to find out more about what job and training opportunities the sector has to offer.  Most of the local companies attend and often bring interactive activities for attendees to have a play with!

On top of the above we run an annual D&T Award and are always looking for new and innovative ways of inspiring young people to consider careers in engineering and STEM.

You can find links to various STEM careers in the box below!!


Useful Links

Careers in STEM:

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