The following local and UK based organisations are going to be at STEM Fest! They'll be showcasing exciting activities which will teach students about their work in an educational and exciting way!

Engineering Zone

There'll be water valves and pipework challenges, lava lamps, ejector seats, lasers! And that's just a few of the fun activities on show from the following companies: 


Tech Zone

The theme for this zone is 'A History of Technology'. The following organisations have come together to show students how technology has progressed over the past 80+ years, there'll be lots of hands-on experiences with telephones, computers, VR Headsets, coding simulators and much more! 

Other Exhibitors...

We also have a number of other exhibitors at the event, working independently to bring some really exciting activities to students: 

The Royal Navy STEM Engagement team are professional STEM Ambassadors who travel around the UK, promoting the STEM elements of working in the Navy and showcasing the technology they use. 

Their activities include: Sphero bolts, displays of firefighting and diving escape kits and much more! You can find out more about their recent engagements with education here


Local Charity, One World Centre will be working with student to talk about the importance of recycling. The students will be working in teams to identify items and whether they are able to be recycled. Students will then learn about what happens to items we put in recycling bins and how we could use materials to make new things. 


Local orqanisation, Think Construction, promote the local construction industry and its careers. They'll be working with students to build a small bridge, this exercise has been done many times in STEM events and will be a great way to teach students about structures, design and building materials. You can find out more about the 'Bridge to Schools' exercise here. Our local construction students at UCM will be making a home-made version of this- which will be vigorously H&S tested before use with students. 

Stage Show

The finale of STEM Fest will be explosive, exciting, scientific and STEMtastic!

We've booked the fantastic Matthew Tosh, he will be hosting his exciting show, The FX Factor! Which will teach students all about the Science behind special effects! The show is full of live demonstrations, audience participation and exciting visual displays of smoke columns, fire, dry ice and much more! 


"I am so excited about the Isle of Man STEM Fest. I'm going to be taking the audience on a behind-the-scenes tour of professional firework displays, showing how many different skills that you learn at school are combined to make those big shows in the sky happen safely. There's science, maths, engineering, technology, coding and, of course, artistry. All of this comes together in an explosive mix of music, sound and light."

Matthew Tosh, Presenter and Pyrotechnician