Health & Safety

We have put measures in place to ensure that the overall event & the activities that students take part in are safe and appropriate.

Risk Assessments 

Fortunately, as representatives of industry where safety is an essential requirement for safe working, we are all very familiar with Risk Assessments and their importance. In the Engineering sector especially Risk Assessments are carried out daily and intensively- we are applying those same practices to STEM Fest.

Contributors planning activities for STEM Fest are required to design their activities to have the lowest risk factors possible, consideration is given to factors such as: hand trapping, heat exposure, the weight of things students will pick up, electrical risks, light exposure and everything else too!

As contributors design their activities with potential risks in mind, they also consider the number of students taking part in an activity at any one time & any extra measures that must be put in place for students with any additional needs. Activity planning forms are completed and assessed by the STEM Fest organisers, who may ask to adapt those activities if need be. The organisers will also work with STEM Learning (see below) to assess these activity plans.

The overall plan for STEM Fest will be reviewed and agreed by the events team at the Villa Marina, who will advise whether the activities are suitable and will work in the space at the Villa Marina.

STEM Learning

We are working closely with STEM Learning, who have come on board to help us with the following:

 - Assist with identifying risks in activities & helping us to adapt those activities if required 

- Identifying curriculum links with our activities and helping exhibitors to highlight these learning outcomes in their communications with students 

- Providing pre & post-event resources for teachers and students, to help re-iterate those learning outcomes 

We have recently hosted some trial STEM Fests with small user groups of students, testing activities and getting feedback from students about what they learnt. This has thoroughly tested our risk assessments. 


Students here are working with the team from Swagelok, to create a big STEM shaped water system with pressurised valves!

The Department of Education, Sports & Culture have supported the STEM Fest organisers by facilitating STEM Learning's involvement, and it has been extremely useful to have their help with ensuring the safety of students coming to the event. 

Event Safety

In addition to rigorous Risk Assessments for the activities students are doing we will also ensure students are safe whilst at the event.

We are working with teachers to ensure that they receive all of the risk assessments in advance, which will help them to complete their EVOLVE forms. 

We will have volunteers around the Villa Marina to ensure that students stay with their allocated groups. 

A full Health & Safety procedure will be in place for STEM Fest, this will be document via this website and in paper form to the Department of Education, Sports & Culture.  The volunteers will have access to these procedures and will receive safety training prior to the event. 

We will continue to update the website as further plans develop.

We have been proud to work alongside STEM Fest to help develop a range of educational safe activities.  The festival is an exciting opportunity for children to increase their awareness of STEM around them. STEM Fest will engage curiosity, inspire and raise aspirations, helping young people consider their future on the IoM within the wide range of STEM industries on the island.

Sarah Dagnell, Subject Expert – Primary STEM, 
STEM Learning Ltd