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  • Employment and Skills event 2016

    Start Date:10/11/2016 09:00 -

    End Date:10/11/2016 18:00

    The event is open to all Sectors on the Island and some of the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Companies will be in attendance to show what they do and advise on the employment opportunities available both now and likely in the future. The Companies will also be able to provide career guidance for those that require also. The event is open to everyone and access is free.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre open day

    Start Date:07/07/2016 10:00 -

    End Date:07/07/2016 12:00

    If you're interested in developing your skills to start a career helping manufacture engineering items then a visit to the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre would be a good first step to see the facility where the Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering course is run. The course is run as a partnership between the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector and the University College Isle of Man and forms the first two years of the sectors four year apprenticeship scheme. It's the first place sector companies recruit Apprentices from. Come along to learn more and meet some of the students and Apprentices whilst seeing what the centre looks like. Application forms for this years intake of 36 students will be available there.

  • Isle of Man Bank Apprentice of the Year Award 2016

    Start Date:30/06/2016 13:00 -

    End Date:30/06/2016 16:00

    As part of the Engineering and Manufacturing Apprenticeship Scheme, and in order to further develop final year Apprentices in the areas of projects, technical breadth, planning, task accomplishment, evaluation and presentation a project will be developed by Apprentices within each Company. The best from each Company is then judged at this event whereby the best of the best will be decided and receive the Award.

  • Design and Technology Coursework Awards 2016

    Start Date:20/06/2016 18:30 -

    End Date:20/06/2016 21:00

    A judging panel will review the Design and Technology Coursework exhibition entries to decide the best entries in three categories: Best IGCSE, Best A Level/ Inter Baccalaureate and Best of the Best.

  • Design and Technology Coursework exhibition 2016

    Start Date:13/06/2016 09:00 -

    End Date:01/07/2016 15:00

    The ACE Programme is always keen to promote engineering and manufacturing and related achievements and one such opportunity is the IGCSE and A Level/Inter Baccalaureate Design & Technology Coursework Exhibition held each year during June at the airport.