Engineering & Manufacturing Commitee changes to welcome the wider STEM Industry.

Release date: 21/02/2019

Our Chamber of Commerce Committee, currently named the Engineering & Manufacturing Committee, is being up dated to STEM Committee this February.

The committee members have agreed that it will be beneficial to broaden the scope beyond engineering and manufacturing to include other STEM based member companies that do not fit the existing ‘narrow’ description and which also don’t sit well under other existing chamber committees (such as IT & E-business or Construction). For example, there are Bio-med companies which have already expressed an interest in joining a STEM committee. This STEM agenda also aligns well with our vocational training and educational focus, which remains the one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in these sectors.

 "The chamber committees continue to evolve to suit the current economic and business environment and to bring most value and relevance to members. Expanding our remit to STEM will not represent a major change of focus, but it will allow a few more companies to become active with the committee and for us to apply more resources to promoting Science and Technology companies as well as engineering and manufacturing. We look forward to welcoming new members and working closely with the other committees and with Government departments to grow the island’s STEM based economy." David Hester, Chairman of the Committee and Director of Swagelok. 

The Committee would like to invite representatives from STEM related companies to join them, attending the meetings held every third Monday of the month at 5pm, at the Eagle Lab in Victoria Street.


For more information contact:

- David Hester, Chairman, [email protected]

- Rebecca George, Chief Executive Officer of Chamber of Commerce, [email protected]

 This Engineering website will continue to focus on the Engineering sector and promote the initiatives such as the Apprenticeship Scheme and other sector developments, but we will also promote any projects of the overall STEM Committee such as STEM Fest.