Release date: 08/05/2016

Isle of Man Engineering and Manufacturing Sector website goes live.

For a sector that works with the latest innovations and technology this website has been a while coming. However, 18th May 2016 the website is now here thanks in no small part to the team at PDMS (employed.im) - a sincere thank you to all of you. :)

The sector hopes that bringing the information together and presenting here will help people all over our island understand what engineering is, what the sector does on the island towards engineering and how people can develop the skills needed to be have a very rewarding career in our sector.

As a first cut at the website, we have put forward information that we believe will be useful and it will evolve over the coming months/years. If you have any comments, positive or negative please let the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector Skills Champion know so we can review and react accordingly. (see link here for contact details).